Monday, August 13, 2012

Drawing Doors

I found myself having to draw a lot of doors on the last two pages that I finished.

A door.
My answer to the question of how to make doors look interesting tends to be: draw some faces on them.

Above: a mohawk.  Also pictured: a door which is in no way consistent with the door on the other side which I drew on the previous page.

Also, I got to draw a mohawk!

I am liking how things look using the Rapido Sketch to do the details and shading on things, so I will probably continue doing that.  We're up to 22 pages now so things are moving along just fine.  I also figured out a way to convert images to CMYK mode using GimpShop so I think I may take the time to do a color cover as well once the interior art is done.

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