Cast of Characters

Age: 29
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Weight: 135 pounds
Height: 5'8"
     Tehra was just another person in a big city trying to get by until  one night while she was sleeping an angel wearing a hockey mask came crashing through her window and changed everything.

Age: ?
Hair: White
Weight: 250 pounds
Height: 7'
    A biomechanical construct (biomech) known as a Gatekeeper, he serves the Ohma sect.  His current mission is to protect Tehra and find a grimoire called the Book of the Black Seal before both of them fall into the wrong hands and are used to destroy the barrier separating the Kingdom of Men
from the Kingdom of Monsters.

G.E.R.L. (Genetically Engineered Relict Life form)
Age: ?
Hair: White
Eyes: White
Weight: 150 pounds
Height: 5'8"
    A biomech that serves the Ohma sect as a protector.  After a glitch in her programming caused G.E.R.L. to embark on a mysterious journey into enemy territory, she was captured by the Tyrus sect.  Waking up in a lab where biomechs are vivisected and reprogrammed to serve the Tyrus sect, G.E.R.L. now finds herself in a life or death struggle against an unseen opponent and his highly militarized followers.

Age: ?
Hair: none
Eyes: white:
Weight: 20 pounds
Height: 2'

    Starr is a telepathic bunny monster who was captured by the Tyrus sect and scheduled for vivisection.  He was saved from the operating table by G.E.R.L. as she was attempting to escape from the laboratory where they were both prisoners.  Now both he and G.E.R.L. are pursued by Tyrus' forces.

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