Monday, January 14, 2013

Anatomical Anomalies

So I was looking at this sketch and I realized that I gave the angel an extra set of abdominal muscles.  The odd thing is that, looking back at issue three, apparently I did this about half of the times that I drew him, and the other half I guess I remembered enough human anatomy to not add extras.

Also, here's a panel from another new page.

She is rapidly becoming one of my favorite characters.
When I was initially coming up with things to run in the first issue of Delirium, I had this concept for a series of one page gags called Sex and Violence (alternative titles included Naked Death and Death Slut), with the basic premise being a sexy woman and a monster inciting murder and mayhem in their wake.  The blood witch is essentially who the female lead would have been in that strip.

I think I might revisit that idea at a later point.

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