Friday, September 21, 2012

Out of Sequence

Well this is slightly out of the order of how I would normally post things but I sent issue number 2 off to the printer today so I wanted to post the cover and let everybody know that issue 2 will be available in October.

I hope the colors reproduce this way when it's printed but I'm actually unsure of what the conversion process will do to it.
This week has been a bit ridiculous in terms of what I was trying to do.  Monday I got an email telling me that Docucopies was offering a 15% discount on booklet printing through today and since that is not an insubstantial amount of money saved I felt the need to try and push the book to be ready to print by Friday.  Effectively, that meant that I was going to have to draw, ink, and scan 8 pages, including designing the cover, which would have to be colored.

It was a bit frantic as the deadline closed in but I did manage to do it and at least now I know I can work fast if I need to.

I definitely feel the  need to take a day off after this though.

The back cover.  Look at that bunny monster!  He's so cute!
The print job should be completed and delivered to me by next week, so expect Delirium issue 2 to be on sale in the first week in October.

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