Sunday, July 29, 2012


Details from pages and panels that I've been working on.

Panel from page 2 of the Kingdom of Monsters strip.  I like the textures on this one and I always enjoy drawing weird little details on the walls of living spaces.

Panel from page 5 of the Kingdom of Monsters strip.  I am normally not so great with facial expressions but I think that I captured a look of surprise and shock pretty well in this one.

Detail from a set of Kingdom of Monsters pinups that will probably run somewhere in the middle of the book.  Doing the pinups made me appreciate how much more detail you can include in a picture when it's larger.  I still think digest-size is the way to go with this, but certainly something to keep in mind.

I have 16 pages finished so far, which gives me about a month to finish another 16 and hopefully publish this in late August or Early September.

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